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springleap takes action and supports Ama Wheelies

Here’s a little good news.  Our blog has only been live for one day and already some great folks are stepping forward to offer assistance were they can.  Today for instance the guys over at springleap decided that they would hop on board.

Eric from springleap graciously offered Ama Wheelies 15% commission from every Tshirt sold via the spring leap website.  The idea being that anyone who purchases a springleap tshirt and uses the coupon code Amawheelies Ama Wheelies (note: Coupon is only one word) will be donating 15% of the sale towards Ama Wheelies.

From everyone hear at Ama Wheelies a huge shoutout and thank you to Eric and the springleap team, this offer will go along way to improving the lives of Quadriplegics in Thaba Chweu.

What are you waiting for go get yourself a springleap tshirt and don’t forget to use the coupon code: Ama Wheelies

Hello wwworld

Welcome to this the very first post on the official Ama Wheelies blog.

During the last few days things have been moving along at a rapid pace with the start of our online social campaigns, the online campaign which is designed to create awareness and raise funds for the Ama Wheelies project came about after a friend mentioned that the internet is not only the best place to create awareness and raise fund it is also the most powerful, so you may notice that we jumped in rather fast and things are a little upside down at the moment, but we are working hard to improve and any suggestions or help will be much appreciated.

Earlier this week for example we started using twitter and I must say the response from the local blogasphere and twittersphere has been amazing, we already have 71 followers and growing daily.  We also have a facebook group and it’s good to see growth in these groups so early in this campaign.

For those who may have missed the news,  Ama Wheelies is a very exciting project.  The proposed new Ama Wheelies self help centre for Quadriplegics in Thaba Chweu (Lydenberg) will cater for all the diverse national groups found in South Africa and will not only be a home for the disabled and wheelchair bound quadriplegics, it will also offer them the chance to once again be self sustaining.  We aim to provide accommodation for 25 Quadriplegics and Paraplegic.

This blog will document the ‘road to Thaba Chweu’ and the challenges met along the way, it will also introduce you to the quads who will be calling Ama Wheelies home and give you a behind the scenes look at life as a quadriplegic.

Feel free to become a friend of Ama Wheelies and follow us over on Twitter or facebook.

Btw please excuse the use of this very basic free blogging theme, we are trying to do this whole social thing without using up valuable resources that could be used elsewhere on this project and so everything you see in here has been done freely by members of the community who have stepped forward to help.  If you feel you can help with something to improve the look and feel of this blog, please drop us a line in the comments.

Please check back for regular updates on the project or simply use the RSS feed to stay up to date.

Until next time

The Ama Wheelies team ;-)