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Ama Wheelies blogger is Forum Nokia Champion

We are happy to announce that our blogger, “Simon Botes has been named a member of Forum Nokia Champion, a recognition and reward program for top mobile developers worldwide.

Every six months, Forum Nokia, world’s largest dedicated mobile application developer community, invites outstanding members of the community to accept a one-year membership in this reward program.

Forum Nokia Champions are a select group of outstanding individuals, honored because of their skills and devotion to the Forum Nokia community. Selection is made on the basis of each nominee’s knowledge as it is displayed through contributions to, as well as proven expertise within the mobile developer community.

Forum Nokia is pleased to recognize Simon Botes for his spirit of community in sharing his knowledge with fellow mobile developers.” Ama Wheelies also recognizes these qualities and thanks Simon for his dedication to our cause, his hard work keeping our blog upto date and his constant help in our outreach programs.

We wish Simon all the best for 2011 and beyond.

Ama Wheelies in Action

Life at Ama Wheelies has been very interesting to say the least, we thought it good to show you life on the ground as seen from our roving camera over the last few months here in Lydenburg.  Enjoy ;-)

Making the garden Wheelchair friendly

Vodacom upgrades our internet to 3G

Heavy rains flood the roads and home

Sarah and Jason visit and we go fishing at Kwena dam.

Chris chilling at Kwena. Ryne with the first fish caught on the farm.

Shortly after this picture was taken Ryne emptied our bank account and left :(

Coopers donate a heavy duty sprayer and a new wheelchair for Barry

Midge Wood of Cleaning Africa Thuŝanang comes to visit, Donates towards our worthy cause.

Life on the farm is not easy, we are however not giving up and every day someone new makes contact to show their support and see how they can help. Every little bit counts and we thank everyone for their continued support to our project.  We have some very exciting news in the pipeline and as soon as it becomes official we will share it on the blog.

We hope you will join us on our Golf day and look forward to seing you there.

Until next time

Team Ama Wheelies

The Eagle Flies High

Eagles fly high, eagles are feared but eagles are loved, this is the account of a man and a eagle.

11 November 2010 at an Ama Wheelies golf day held at the Southdown’s Golf Club in Johannesburg
South, Ama Wheelies was introduced to a interesting man by the name of Midge Wood, a keen golfer.

Not only is Midge a good golfer he is a well refined man and great lover of art. At the auction and fund
raiser of 11 November a Black eagle with a difference was on sale. The eagle was a creation of Henry
Blignout a foot and mouth artist unable to use hand or feet. Henry skilfully cut an eagle using a profile
cutter operating the unit with a stick in his mouth. The beauty of the eagle caught the attention of Midge who purchased it and took it back to his offices of Cleaning Africa Thuŝanang.

However we live in Africa and soon the staff members came complaining saying a black eagle is bad
witchcraft and the eagle needed to undergo a change of identity, it soon reemerged as a Fish eagle,  all tribal omens were overcome and the eagle soars again!

But more happened, they say those that are generous receive generously. Cleaning Africa was blessed
with more new contracts and in keeping with their BEE and social commitments Ama Wheelies was
identified by the 3 directors for a further generous donation at site visit on 10 February 2011.

A huge thank you to everyone from Cleaning Africa Thuŝanang for your constant support and encouragement.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Ama Wheelies Golf Day – 14 May 2011

Ama Wheelies GOLF DAY 14 May 2011

Dear Golfer,

Come and enjoy the beauty of the mountains, the fresh air of Mpumalanga, relax in the tranquility only found in the bushveld.  You are invited to come and enjoy a game of golf on the recently upgraded Lydenburg Golf Course.

Bring your mates, we invite you to enter a 4-ball or sponsor a hole. We are raising funds mobilizing Ama Wheelies Self-help Centre for quadriplegics at the Lydenburg Golf Course on Saturday 14 May 2011.

Ama Wheelies is a registered NPO in terms of the Non-profit Organizations Act as a section 21 company registration no 2008/021003/08. NPO number 083-504

The funds raised will be used for development, transport and running costs.

  • Golf carts must be booked prior to the game at a fee of R200-00 for 18 holes
  • Caddies available on first come first served basis minimum R110.00
  • Advertisers: Your Branding is permitted on the golf course. Reserve your advertising spot for a mere R1000.00 and marshals will assist all sponsors to get to allocated holes. Sponsors are to bring everything that is required for their holes.

We look forward to seeing you at Lydenburg Golf Club on Saturday 14 May 2011.

For more info please contact Barry Botes: 079 875 5040

Please RSVP before 29 April 2011

Great things happening in Mpumalanga

They say “great things happen to those doing great things!”

This post is about a group of people doing just that!

The friendly men and woman of Coopers Environmental Science (Pty) Ltd who are just btw the official distributor for Bayer products in South Africa, recently went the extra mile and sponsored Barry Botes the treasurer of Ama Wheelies with a brand new supper sexy wheelchair.  This gift came just in time as Barry’s chair of 20 years had stopped working. The fully automatic chair was imported from Taiwan and how better to show our appreciation for the gift, than to post of few pics of the shipment and of Barry enjoying his new chair.

Barry’s brother Franscois works with the guys at Coopers and this donation would not have been possible without his hard work behind the scenes. Franscois, a huge thank you from everyone hear at Ama Wheelies.

Franscois Botes , Rodney January and Ian Brown representing Coopers

The amazing people at UTI Couriers also went out of their way to reduced deliver costs from over R1900.00 to only R300.00 – For this they also deserve a special mention.

With Barry now mobile again, he seems to have a new lease on life and is working around the clock to improve things for the other members of Ama Wheelies who are relying on him to make sure this project is a success.

We hope to have more exciting news very soon.


Team Ama Wheelies