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Thank you Thaba Chweu

A huge THANK YOU goes out from everyone here at Ama Wheelies to all the hard working people of Lydenburg and the rest of South Africa who went out of their way to make our 1st locally hosted Ama Wheelies golf day a HUGE success!

The day was made possible by the following sponsors, Donors and well doers:

4 u Stationery, Absa, Absolute Water, Ackerman’s Pharmacy, AFGRI, Artist under the Sun, Audrey Heart, Bakgat biltong, Beka Electrical, Charles & Hilda Erasmus, Cleaning Africa, De Ark Guest house, Die Grasdak Drankwinkel, Hay’s Print, Hilda Erasmus, Jade Art, Joubert Apteek, Klitzgras, Kruger Slaghuis, Lemani Spur, Lido Electrical Steelpoort, Lydenburg Spar, Lydenburg Toyota, Mike’s Kitchen, PG Glass, PicknPay head office, PicknPay Lydenburg, Plaas Winkel, Platdak Drankwinkel; PNA Stationery, RangoTango, SA Sun bouhandelaars, Sakie Nieman(slagpale), Sandvik Mining, Scratch Engravers, Sign Shop, Spar Lydenburg, Spaar-o-Rama, Tops, Tobatse Chrome Mine, Toyota, Eugene Hurters, Union Motors, Val Landau, Vodacom, Vodacom4U, Vodacom Foundation, Wimpy, Nokia South Africa and RAC Racing.

More donors arrived on the day and their good deeds will soon be announced!

Ama Wheelies desperately needs a quad friendly vehicle. Lack of proper transport is hampering our progress. Through our golf day we hoped to create awareness for our cause and hoped someone would step forward and help with purchase of a Quad friendly vehical. Awareness was of utmost importance though and Ama Wheelies are proud to announce that even though we never got a quad friendly vehical, many people became aware of the Ama Wheelies project thru the golf day and march thru town. A special word of thanks to all the helpers on the day who worked hard to make this rally and golf day a success.

All in all over R120 000.00 was raised in what can be called the most successful fund raiser Ama Wheelies has ever hosted. Most of the R120 000 donated came  in the form of much needed farming equipment and computers for our training center, with very little coming in as cash. The equipment donated will go along way in making sure the wheelchair farmers of Thaba Chweu are successful and for these great donations we thank you.

To the following twitter buddies who helped us spread the word on Twitter a HUGE thank you, without your help we would not have seen such a great uptake online. Thank you @LizaSutherland @beanbagboy @jodenecoza @Aphrael78 @StuffSmart @hmathys007 @wesmor01 @JohnGore @joaoluisc @gaynor_kast @ExMi @beebee_nile @shesthegeek @MoniqueTheron @_Cybelle_ @Simonbotes @ProphecyZA @PaulJohnston @FirestarZA @Vodacom @uyspj @picknpay @shebeegee @Gnat_J @Nitefenix @NokiaRSA

On the golf day we had well wishers from as far as Spain sending in messages of support via our twitter channel. This is very encouraging and we thank everyone who showed support. We look forward to our next golf day and hope to have your continued support as our project grows.

What cellphones can quadriplegics use?

The boys and girls of the recently launched Ama Wheelies Quadriplegic training center in Mpumalanga, South Africa are working hard to amoung other things be the front runners in tech related content for Quadriplegics. The info they research will benefit not only Quads living in South Africa but around the world.

Most quadriplegics find it nearly impossible to use a mobile phone and many are frustrated that they are left behind in this techno era. With this in mind the Quads of Ama Wheelies have been searching for ways to make mobile use easy for quads around the world.

Back in July 2009 after extensive testing we identified the Nokia 5800 resistive touchscreen handset as our handset of choice for Quadriplegics. This was the best handset on the market at the time for quads to use. Even those with C5 disability were able to use the Nokia 5800 with little effort.

The great news is that the friendly people at Nokia have since manufactured a wide variety of similar handsets in different price ranges. (Nokia 5228, Nokia 5230, Nokia 5233, Nokia 5235, Nokia 5250, Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition, Nokia C5-03, Nokia C6-00, Nokia N97, Nokia N97 mini, Nokia X6)

To make it even better Nokia introduced the SU-36 stylus.  With the introduction of this new stylus quads can now also use Nokia Symbian3 Glass Capacitive touchscreen handsets like the N8, C7, E7 etc.  Using the SU-36 you can now for the first time use any glass screen handset. (Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7-00, Nokia E7-00, Nokia N8)

The hard working guys of Ama Wheelies recently put the SU-36 stylus to the test and the results are awesome. With a little effort, some practice and a little DIY modifications, we are happy to report that the SU-36 makes it possible for quads to use even the latest gadgets from Nokia and other brands who use capacitive glass touch screens.

The SU-36 retails for around R150.00 and can be purchased online from

We hope this info is handy to quads looking to find out which handsets work best.

Vodacom Foundation supports Ama Wheelies

Breaking news:

The Vodacom foundation today announced the donation of a R48 876.36 donation towards the Ama Wheelies training center in Lydenburg.  The donation comes in the form of 10 brand new computers (9 desktops & 1 Notebook) donated to the center.

Lwandile Booi, Marketing Manager of Vodacom Mpumalanga was on hand at the golf day in Lydenburg for the official handover and had the following to say: “I had the honour and privilege of spending the day with some of the members of at the golf day today and I am humbled by the work this foundation does. I today have met brave men and woman of God who fiercely go through life in difficult if not impossible circumstances and we at Vodacom are humbled by the opportunity to assist in the betterment and development if their future. We Say POWER TO YOU! ”

Delivery of the equipment took place yesterday and a few of the friends were on hand to accept the devices.

“AmaWheelies will use the computers donated for their training facilities located near Lydenburg, South Africa. The Ama Wheelies training center will assist in equipping Ama Wheelies members with technical skills”

Sahara Systems technicians made the long trip out from Nelspruit to do the installation and we thank them for their professional approach and friendly service.  You guys rock!

Thank you also to Vodacom and the Vodacom Foundation for your support the last few months improving not only communication on the farm but now also making sure we have a few new computers for the training center.  This donation will be put to very good use and we look forward to paying it forward to members of the Ama Wheelies community and beyond. – Official Press Release to follow soon.

WIN some Backsberg Wine

Hey Guys,

We now have a yummi Backsberg Wine hamper up for grabs. To stand in line to win this make a small donation to AmaWheelies using our easy online donation system. Email us the proof of payment to with your name and contact details and you could be a winner later this evening.  Donations of any size welcome ;-)

Don’t forget our other online raffle goodies – Donations of any size will be accepted for the online raffle. Hurry though only 3hours left to the draw.

Wana Win with Ama Wheelies – Post 3

Hey guys,

Vodacom and PG Glass Lydenburg just stepped up and gave us some more goodies to give away via the blog.

To stand in line to win just do the following:

1. Help #AmaWheelies Trend on Twitter today and you could win this cool Vodacom Hamper.

2. Post a blog mentioning the AmaWheelies and what we do and you could win this cool golf hamper from PG Glass.

Thank you everyone already Tweeting and blogging, you guys all ROCK!