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An urgent appeal from Team Ama Wheelies

We survived our first year!

A year ago a few very brave members of  Team Ama Wheelies moved to the Lydenburg cottage and on 27 November 2010 doors opened for the first Quadriplegic home in Mpumalanga! We arrived at a cottage wild and unattended; we cleaned, built ramps and made it a home.



The Lydenburg community welcomed Ama Wheelies at our golf day 14 May. The spring walk 1 September created further awareness but funding remained low. Assistance was there in the form of computers from Vodacom for our training room. Eastern Chrome pledged towards developing our farm and at the same time we had no support from any governmental institutions.



Battling on our own we are trying to earn a living fattening pigs, rearing chickens and growing vegetables. Our produce we grow on a small scale due to land size limitations will soon sustain us but it does not yet provide us an income. We regularly thank the family and friends that have been assisting us for the last few years with donations and support, without them we would not be were we are today.

Sadly though, family and friends can only do so much.  To make matters worse, promises made by government officials have not materialized, the fact is Ama Wheelies is being overlooked and neglected by local government and we are now forced to write an urgent appeal to anyone who can help Ama Wheelies financially.

People always say “Why did you not ask?”  This letter we write to publicly ask for help. At Ama Wheelies we need help and we ask you to please help in any way. Even if this means tweeting about about this article or sharing it on facebook. We appreciate any help we can get and donations will be acknowledged with a receipt. You may also remain anonymous if you so wish.

Not only is our cause worthy but in addition we are situated in RURAL Mpumalanga, serving DISADVANTAGED poor and DISABLED individuals enabling any donor to qualify for BEE and tax rebate. Our paperwork and record keeping is in order. Ama Wheelies is a section 21 non-profit organization (2008/021003/08) with our NPO number 083-504

Any help or support will be much appreciated. Thank you in advances.

Team Ama Wheelies.