Ama Wheelies GOLF DAY 7 November 2010

Dear Golfer

You are invited to come and play on the magnificent Southdown’s Country golf course.

Come and bring your mates, we invite you to enter a 4-ball or sponsor a hole. We are raising funds mobilizing Ama Wheelies Self-help Centre for quadriplegics at the Southdown’s Country Club on Sunday 7 November.

Ama Wheelies is a registered NPO in terms of the Non-profit Organizations Act as a section 21 company registration no 2008/021003/08. NPO number 083-504

The funds raised will be used for development, transport and running costs.

  • Golf carts must be booked prior to the game at a fee of R185-00 for 18 holes
  • Caddies available on first come first served basis minimum R110.00
  • Advertisers: Your Branding is permitted on the golf course. Reserve your advertising spot for a mere R1000.00 and marshals will assist all sponsors to get to allocated holes. Sponsors are to bring everything that is required for their holes.

We look forward to seeing you at Southdown’s Country Club on Sunday 7 November 2010.

For more info please contact Barry Botes: 011 822 4640 and 079 875 5040

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