The Eagle Flies High

Eagles fly high, eagles are feared but eagles are loved, this is the account of a man and a eagle.

11 November 2010 at an Ama Wheelies golf day held at the Southdown’s Golf Club in Johannesburg
South, Ama Wheelies was introduced to a interesting man by the name of Midge Wood, a keen golfer.

Not only is Midge a good golfer he is a well refined man and great lover of art. At the auction and fund
raiser of 11 November a Black eagle with a difference was on sale. The eagle was a creation of Henry
Blignout a foot and mouth artist unable to use hand or feet. Henry skilfully cut an eagle using a profile
cutter operating the unit with a stick in his mouth. The beauty of the eagle caught the attention of Midge who purchased it and took it back to his offices of Cleaning Africa Thuŝanang.

However we live in Africa and soon the staff members came complaining saying a black eagle is bad
witchcraft and the eagle needed to undergo a change of identity, it soon reemerged as a Fish eagle,  all tribal omens were overcome and the eagle soars again!

But more happened, they say those that are generous receive generously. Cleaning Africa was blessed
with more new contracts and in keeping with their BEE and social commitments Ama Wheelies was
identified by the 3 directors for a further generous donation at site visit on 10 February 2011.

A huge thank you to everyone from Cleaning Africa Thuŝanang for your constant support and encouragement.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Ama Wheelies Golf Day – 14 May 2011

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