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Vodacom Foundation supports Ama Wheelies

Breaking news:

The Vodacom foundation today announced the donation of a R48 876.36 donation towards the Ama Wheelies training center in Lydenburg.  The donation comes in the form of 10 brand new computers (9 desktops & 1 Notebook) donated to the center.

Lwandile Booi, Marketing Manager of Vodacom Mpumalanga was on hand at the golf day in Lydenburg for the official handover and had the following to say: “I had the honour and privilege of spending the day with some of the members of at the golf day today and I am humbled by the work this foundation does. I today have met brave men and woman of God who fiercely go through life in difficult if not impossible circumstances and we at Vodacom are humbled by the opportunity to assist in the betterment and development if their future. We Say POWER TO YOU! ”

Delivery of the equipment took place yesterday and a few of the friends were on hand to accept the devices.

“AmaWheelies will use the computers donated for their training facilities located near Lydenburg, South Africa. The Ama Wheelies training center will assist in equipping Ama Wheelies members with technical skills”

Sahara Systems technicians made the long trip out from Nelspruit to do the installation and we thank them for their professional approach and friendly service.  You guys rock!

Thank you also to Vodacom and the Vodacom Foundation for your support the last few months improving not only communication on the farm but now also making sure we have a few new computers for the training center.  This donation will be put to very good use and we look forward to paying it forward to members of the Ama Wheelies community and beyond. – Official Press Release to follow soon.

Live Blog from Ama Wheelies Golf Day – Post 1

Good morning everyone.  This post comes live from the Ama Wheelies golf day in Lydenburg, South Africa. The event is proudly hosted by our new friends of  the Lydenburg Golf Club. Thanx guys ;-)

The morning started bright and early after a late night of planning, blogging, visiting and just having a good time with the Quadriplegic members of AmaWhelies who had made the epic trip to Lydenburg for the event.

We will be live blogging and tweeting via @SimonBotes & @AmaWheelies from the event today. The official Hashtag for today is #AmaWheelies and you can follow live pics here.

You are more than welcome to follow us and help to get us trending on Twitter.

Ama Wheelies features on Vodacom Facebook

Ama Wheelies is happy to report that today 08/04/2011 we were featured on the Vodacom facebook page. This after Vodacom rebranded earlier this week to Red and invited people from around South Africa to submit pics of support.

On receiving the invitation to take part from our blogger, we quickly set about taking a few pics.  The timing of the call for pictures was not the most convenient and anyone who has ever stayed with us will tell you things take alot of time and need to be planned well in advance. Especially photo shoots, most of us are shy and not really liking the public attention. Being on a short deadline to get the picture in, Barry Botes the founder of Ama Wheelies and two of our non disabled helpers quickly jumped into action to make sure that AmaWheelies could benefit from the possible free publicity and help to create awareness for Quadriplegics throughout South Africa.  There were no guarantee’s that our photo would be used, but it was worth a shot.

Ama Wheelies has also benefited alot from the help & support of the friendly people at Vodacom over the last few months, who have made sure that we have the fastest possible internet connection available on the farm in Lydenburg.  Without this connection we would be cut off from the outside world and so we thought it best to give back alittle by showing support for the new colours of our favourite mobile provider. Yes Vodacom thats you!

Lancelot who has limited knowledge of camera equipment volunteered to snap the pics while Sandile a non disabled helper got Barry into shot and then quickly fetched one of the chairs not in use and jumped into shot (anything to get some attention).  A few good laughs were had by all and hopefully Sandile knows that we do not want new members.

We eagerly  submitted the pics, using that super fast 3G connection mentioned earlier and within no time our picture was online.  Even though the Vodacom Facebook group has over 40000 members, we are happy to say that our picture was featured.  Thank you Vodacom.

A little human error and a classic wording fail, took a picture that would probably not have received much attention and boosted it into the limelite. So far over 300 people and counting have seen the picture. We sure hope this goes viral.  Creating awareness for the Quads of Mpumalanga is a very challenging job, we are happy though that without even knowing it, Vodacom helped to not only create awareness but also helped to make us smile alittle. Yes being a quadriplegics is nothing to smile about, but sometimes its good to just sit back and have a good laugh. Earlier today our good friend @TracyTodd posted this on Twitter “Have a laugh, twice-daily, and you’ll look and feel 20 years younger in no time.” We cannot agree more and thank Vodacom for bringing a smile to our faces with this wording fail.  You guys made our day and possibly our weekend! Thank you!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Vodacom taking gaint steps in Mpumalanga

On 24 February 2011 Vodacom again donated much needed equipment in preparation of the Ama wheelies new quadriplegic training centre in Mpumalanga. The Vodafone B970b 3G WiFi Router which was donated will be used to allow easy access to the World Wide Web at the training centre.

Development of the Ama Wheelies training centre is making good progress and a golf day / fundraiser has been arranged for 14 May 2011 to facilitate. We look forward to seeing all of you in Lydenburg for this great day.

Mr Henry Hardneck of Vodacom installing the Vodafone B970b 3G WiFi Router

A huge THANK YOU once again to everyone at Vodacom for your amazing support.

More good news coming soon.

Team Ama Wheelies