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What happens when you are down and out?

The vultures step in and devour you. If however you are an elephant the matriarch guards over you. In similar fashion Ama Wheelies we have a story to tell.

2011 has been a difficult first year for Ama Wheelies. A year ago we moved to the Lydenburg cottage and on 27 November 2010 doors opened for the first Quadriplegic home in Mpumalanga! We arrived at a cottage wild and unattended; we cleaned, built ramps and made it a home.


The Lydenburg community welcomed Ama Wheelies at our golf day 14 May. The spring walk 1 September created further awareness but funding remains low. Assistance was there in the form of computers from Vodacom for our training room. Eastern Chrome pledged towards developing our farm and at the same time we had no support from any governmental institution.



Battling on our own we are trying to earn a living fattening pigs, rearing chickens and growing vegetables. Our produce we grow will soon sustain us but it is not yet providing us an income.

Writing to thank the family and friends that have been assisting us we extended the urgent appeal for financial help: would we be trodden down or could we still believe in humanity!

Our letters we wrote telling all we need help just like those anxious calls of the small elephant calling for help and as in a family of Elephants we found loving guardians in a harsh world. Cleaning Africa Thuŝanang  with Mr Midge Wood a dear friend depositing a huge deposit and the goodness continued Tubatse mine, Dhl and several private individuals opened their pockets donating R20 000.00 collectively assuring the survival of Ama Wheelies at least for the next two months.

The story of the baby elephant requires the baby to feed from the mother and start eating on its own. Ama wheelies made new applications with the government department and we look to 2012 with new confidence and apart from government assistance requests we have set up our fax2email campaign and the exciting dance Ama Wheelies will be hosting in 11 February in South Africa’s town of love!

Soon you will be invited with more information but in the same way the little elephant must be taken care of we share this link with our friends, family, and anyone who can continue to help Ama Wheelies to raise money to keep the home floating.

Ama Wheelies in Action

Life at Ama Wheelies has been very interesting to say the least, we thought it good to show you life on the ground as seen from our roving camera over the last few months here in Lydenburg.  Enjoy ;-)

Making the garden Wheelchair friendly

Vodacom upgrades our internet to 3G

Heavy rains flood the roads and home

Sarah and Jason visit and we go fishing at Kwena dam.

Chris chilling at Kwena. Ryne with the first fish caught on the farm.

Shortly after this picture was taken Ryne emptied our bank account and left :(

Coopers donate a heavy duty sprayer and a new wheelchair for Barry

Midge Wood of Cleaning Africa Thuŝanang comes to visit, Donates towards our worthy cause.

Life on the farm is not easy, we are however not giving up and every day someone new makes contact to show their support and see how they can help. Every little bit counts and we thank everyone for their continued support to our project.  We have some very exciting news in the pipeline and as soon as it becomes official we will share it on the blog.

We hope you will join us on our Golf day and look forward to seing you there.

Until next time

Team Ama Wheelies

The Eagle Flies High

Eagles fly high, eagles are feared but eagles are loved, this is the account of a man and a eagle.

11 November 2010 at an Ama Wheelies golf day held at the Southdown’s Golf Club in Johannesburg
South, Ama Wheelies was introduced to a interesting man by the name of Midge Wood, a keen golfer.

Not only is Midge a good golfer he is a well refined man and great lover of art. At the auction and fund
raiser of 11 November a Black eagle with a difference was on sale. The eagle was a creation of Henry
Blignout a foot and mouth artist unable to use hand or feet. Henry skilfully cut an eagle using a profile
cutter operating the unit with a stick in his mouth. The beauty of the eagle caught the attention of Midge who purchased it and took it back to his offices of Cleaning Africa Thuŝanang.

However we live in Africa and soon the staff members came complaining saying a black eagle is bad
witchcraft and the eagle needed to undergo a change of identity, it soon reemerged as a Fish eagle,  all tribal omens were overcome and the eagle soars again!

But more happened, they say those that are generous receive generously. Cleaning Africa was blessed
with more new contracts and in keeping with their BEE and social commitments Ama Wheelies was
identified by the 3 directors for a further generous donation at site visit on 10 February 2011.

A huge thank you to everyone from Cleaning Africa Thuŝanang for your constant support and encouragement.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Ama Wheelies Golf Day – 14 May 2011