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WIN some Backsberg Wine

Hey Guys,

We now have a yummi Backsberg Wine hamper up for grabs. To stand in line to win this make a small donation to AmaWheelies using our easy online donation system. Email us the proof of payment to raffle@amawheelies.co.za with your name and contact details and you could be a winner later this evening.  Donations of any size welcome ;-)

Don’t forget our other online raffle goodies – Donations of any size will be accepted for the online raffle. Hurry though only 3hours left to the draw.

Wana Win with Ama Wheelies – Post 3

Hey guys,

Vodacom and PG Glass Lydenburg just stepped up and gave us some more goodies to give away via the blog.

To stand in line to win just do the following:

1. Help #AmaWheelies Trend on Twitter today and you could win this cool Vodacom Hamper.

2. Post a blog mentioning the AmaWheelies and what we do and you could win this cool golf hamper from PG Glass.

Thank you everyone already Tweeting and blogging, you guys all ROCK!

Join us for a round of Virtual Golf

The wheelchair farmers of Mpumalanga aka Ama Wheelies will on 14 May 2011 celebrate the official launch of the very first quadriplegic home & training centre of it’s kind in Mpumalanga, South Africa. To help cover the daily expenses and living costs at the home the guys will be hosting a charity golf day in Lydenburg. Over the last few weeks a few of you expressed interest in supporting our efforts but sadly many of you cannot personally attend the golf day in Lydenburg on 14 May 2011.

With this in mind we invite you to take part in a virtual round of golf with us on Twitter, facebook, via email and any other online way that works best for you. This way anyone can take part no matter where you live.

The Ama Wheelies Virtual Golf Weekend will work like this:

  1. RSVP using this contact form before Thursday 28 April 2011- Send us your name, contact details and number of players.
  2. Print the attached scorecard.
  3. This is an 18 hole virtual golf coarse and your challenge is to sell your 18 holes.
  4. To do this, approach your friends, family, co-workers. Educate them about life as a quadriplegics or refer them to our blog, Tell them about the virtual golf weekend & ask them to purchase a hole. Collect the donations & Document who buys each hole and the rand value donated per hole. The full list of donations and hole owners will be hosted on our blog once the golf day is finished.
  5. Transfer the funds collected to our bank account using any of our official payment systems. Please use your name & surname as ref when making the payment.
  6. Email a proof of payment and either fax or email a copy of your score card to stand in line to win big.

The player that raises the most money selling the virtual holes during the 18 hole virtual charity golf weekend will be crowned as champion and will win the grand prize. Wanna know what you are playing for? 10% of whatever is raised during the virtual charity golf weekend. (We hope to raise R25200.00)

We have a few other small and not so small mystery prizes up for grabs. So don’t delay, RSVP today.
Companies who want to enter teams are also more than welcome. We need at least 40 players to make this work, please show support. Any company who enters more than 10 players will receive special mention on our blog, twitter and facebook profiles and a special place in our hearts.

Come on, join us for a round of Virtual Golf and show support for the Quadriplegic friends of Mpumalanga.

Virtual Golf Weekend starts on Friday 29 April 2011 at 8am and ends Monday 2 May at 8am.

You must register to take part before THURSDAY 28 April 2011.
All donations and score card emails need to reach us by latest Tuesday 3 May 2011 to qualify.
Winners will be announced on 14 May 2011.

Tag your tweets with #AmaWheelies #VirtualGolf



  • Par is the goal value per hole sold.
  • Stroke is the value you got for the hole.
  • Metres is the amount of friends you had to speek to before selling the individual hole. Lower results are best.
  • Goal value or PAR per ScoreCard is R630.00
  • Hole in one is any single hole purchase for R100.00 or more.

Kom Trek Bietjie Draad in Lydenburg

Living on a farm and in a tropical region, certainly has it’s advantages, things grow! We moved in the last days of November.  December was spent settling in and January we cleared our first beds and started planting vegetables.

No sooner did us plant vegetables or visitors started arriving and as beautiful as these may be they are unwelcome. First it was the geese; they ate all the cabbages and sweet potatoes. Next came the cows again eating the cabbages but also ate the tomatoes plants nibbling the entire plants. We erected fences and it was great fun teaching the boys how to pull wire! No you dirty minded creature we were erecting a fence and you pull the wire to get the fence up straight. At least the fence keeps the cows and geese at bay; however the monkeys soon discovered we grow baby marrows. Our marrows are sweet and taste better than a cucumber and delicious raw. Within 5 days the little marrows are the size of a butternut; but the monkeys do daily visits scaling the fence. The monkeys also love our gem-squash. We chase the monkeys off and resorted to picking the marrows on third day and then they are the size of an English cucumber and delicious.

As to ‘pulling wire’ modern ethnology helps; the old conventional wire puller was laborious, took time to fit and if you over-tightened the wire it snapped leaving you with the awkward job of trying to tie the wire that snapped and too short. Dean visited the local hardware and they certainly make ‘pulling wire’ simple! They sell gadgets, but this one you tie to the pole, thread the wire thru and a couple of turns with a size 10 spanner and the wire is pulled tight and your fence erected with ease. Moral of the story – come to the farm and we will teach you the pleasant way of pulling wire!

Our garden is still only to supply the kitchen but we are proud to say we grow beetroot, baby marrows, carrots, garlic, goose berries, herbs, lettuce, peas we just planted for winter, potatoes, rhubarb, spinach, spring onions, sweet potatoes and tomatoes. We do intend growing vegetables on a large scale however we must erect tunnels to protect veggies from monkeys. Tunnels are expensive to erect and we seek a sponsor!

The pictures below show some of our lekker goodies we produce

Sandile picking 3day old baby marrows, our carrots we planted 25th February and looking good and likewise the other vegetables

With the boys pulling wire and the vegetables growing we had time to focus on paperwork. Our lotto application we submitted however and very important our books had to be audited before we could submit our application and Lotto requirement is the auditors have to be registered. As a new home lacking money this was a huge problem and West Evans incorporated an auditing firm from Bedfordview came to our rescue doing the audit free of charge. They saved the day and did an excellent job and best they are quick and we proudly recommend them to anyone.

Our preparations for the golf day 14 May are also making good progress. It’s our fund raiser and we need more prizes, sponsorships and players! Outright donations also welcome.

We look forward to seeing all of you in Lydenburg on the 14th!