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Price List 2008

Info Listing

An info listing consists of a short description of your business or service. Up to 200 words are allowed. In this space you may include any information about yourself that you choose, including telephone and fax numbers, email addresses and web sites. Info listings are especially useful if you don't have a website. Info listings have been cost-effectively priced, to allow everyone to make use of the service. Your information can be submitted via email. Email: ops at Thereafter, please email us the time, amount and reference information for the payment. You may also fax a transfer slip if this is more convenient for you.

Info Listing on Go-Plett - from only R 500.00 p/a Once off yearly payment

Includes 4 colour photos in info listing

(Photo Size 200x140 max)

Additional colour photos in info listing (200x140 max) R 60 each p/a

Submit your Info Listing


120x60 pixel banners R 250.00 pm


Banners must be placed for a minimum of 3 months.

Larger Banners: We dislike large banners!

Banners larger than our standard size are charged at R 1200 pm [Minimum of 12 Month].

Go-Plett reserves the final decision on content additions.

Link to us

Local Links page (Link to us and we'll link to you!) FREE If you have a business or service in Plett, you can link to us, email us a link to your page, and a graphic we can use to link back to you, or ask the person(s) responsible for your site to link to us.

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Donations are also welcome to help keep our work free.