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GoPlett is a community portal/wiki for Plettenberg Bay, allowing members of the community to easily share information.

GoPlett was started as a personal project, but it has since become too time consuming for the author to keep everything updated. So, I've decided to be lazy and rely on community members to update their own information.

Wiki's put a lot of power and trust in the hands of site visitors, since anyone can edit 'almost' any pages! While vandalism does occur occasionally, wiki's have been extremely successful overall. For example, see Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia.

If this concept doesn't work, I'll switch over to a more advanced but at the same time far more restrictive content management system, such as Mambo. I'm really hoping though, that things will work out on the wiki system.

Be sure to read the copyright information ( Project:Copyrights ) before submitting anything!

Kind Regards

Andrew Botes