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Unfortunately, the evil spam empire (which will be first against the wall when the revolution comes; actually second, just after a popular software company) has made it necessary to prevent anonymous users from registering. If you wish to contribute to the site, a sysop will have to add you manually. Please email Simon and request being added as a user: ops a<!-- -->t goplett.<!-- -->co<!-- -->.za. Thanks.
Editing pages on this site is very simple.
Go-Plett is currently using MediaWiki software, the same great stuff that powers [http://www.wikipedia.org WikiPedia] and dozens of other very big and generally mind blowing bits of Open Content on the web.
You'll know that you can edit a page, because there'll be a little |edit| tab at the top of the window. Click that, and you'll go to a new page containing a block of editable text.
There are only a few things you need to know to add basic content to the site:
# To add text, just type it right in. Be sure NOT to put a space or any special character at the start of a line...
# To make a subheading, add double equals signs before and after it. <br />e.g. <nowiki>== Why Plett Rocks! ==</nowiki>
# To add to an existing list, make a * followed by a space and then your addition to the list.
# To link to an existing website, put first your website link, then a space and finally the name you want displayed for your link encased in a single set of square brackets. <br />e.g. <nowiki>[http://www.yoursite.com Your Service Name]</nowiki>.
# To create a new page on the site, simply encase the name in double square brackets. <br />e.g. <nowiki>[[Acme Whale Spotting]]</nowiki>. After you have saved the page, you will be able to click the new link and add your details to a new section of the site.
If you want to play around, test your editing skills in the [[User:Sandbox|sandbox]]
Please see the [http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Editing MediaWiki Edit] page for more information...

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