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Keel Haul
Keel Haul

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Unfortunately, the evil spam empire (which will be first against the wall when the revolution comes; actually second, just after a popular software company) has made it necessary to prevent anonymous users from registering. If you wish to contribute to the site, a sysop will have to add you manually. Please email Simon and request being added as a user: ops at goplett.co.za. Thanks.

Editing pages on this site is very simple.

Go-Plett is currently using MediaWiki software, the same great stuff that powers WikiPedia and dozens of other very big and generally mind blowing bits of Open Content on the web.

You'll know that you can edit a page, because there'll be a little |edit| tab at the top of the window. Click that, and you'll go to a new page containing a block of editable text.

There are only a few things you need to know to add basic content to the site:

  1. To add text, just type it right in. Be sure NOT to put a space or any special character at the start of a line...
  2. To make a subheading, add double equals signs before and after it.
    e.g. == Why Plett Rocks! ==
  3. To add to an existing list, make a * followed by a space and then your addition to the list.
  4. To link to an existing website, put first your website link, then a space and finally the name you want displayed for your link encased in a single set of square brackets.
    e.g. [http://www.yoursite.com Your Service Name].
  5. To create a new page on the site, simply encase the name in double square brackets.
    e.g. [[Acme Whale Spotting]]. After you have saved the page, you will be able to click the new link and add your details to a new section of the site.

If you want to play around, test your editing skills in the sandbox

Please see the MediaWiki Edit page for more information...


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