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The unique two hectare dome (the World’s largest) spans over a gorge of indigenous forest. The sanctuary has its own mysterious ruin, which incorporates a walk-behind waterfall. Another feature is its amphitheatre, which has the ability to seat over 200 visitors. The sanctuary’s dome incorporates the ability to synthesise thunder and create short spells of rain from an irrigation system in the dome structure. Roofed viewpoints within the gorge have been erected for use during these brief rain storms.

Like Monkeyland, the popular primate sanctuary next-door, Birds of Eden boasts its own canopy walk, while shorter than the 128m bridge at Monkeyland, it hangs above the clouds. The decision to develop Birds of Eden stems from the need to create a safe environment in which to release a large collection of free-flight African birds, miniature monkeys and the sanctuary also enables bird owners to apply to release their pet birds into the sanctuary, after undergoing rehabilitation.

So when you sit down and plan your summer vacation, be sure to include this eco mega park in your holiday itinerary.
Birds of Eden Dome

Contact Details:

Tel: +27 (0) 44 534 8906
Fax: +27 (0) 44 534 8907
Postal Address: P.O. Box 1190, Plettenberg Bay, 6600
Email: birdsofeden at
Website: Birds of Eden



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Birds of Eden Fact Sheet

  1. The area of the bird park is 2,3 hectare (23,000sq meters).
  2. The structure comprises 27 masts of varying heights, between 34 meters and 2 meters
  3. While the tallest mast is only 34 meters high, the highest point of the dome above the ground is 50m as the canyon breaks away.
  4. The masts are linked by a series of cables which are anchored to specially constructed underground “plugs�, there are several 100 kilometres of cable used to create a grid of cable onto which, the bird mesh will rest.
  5. The bird mesh has an area of 3,2 hectares and weighs 80 tonnes.
  6. Once completed this sanctuary will be the biggest single free flight Avery in the world.

There are several special features about this bird park, and they are;

  • An irrigation system is to be installed in the dome that will simulate rain.
  • A sound system will simulate thunder.
  • The same sound system will also be available to use for specific functions, like playing Christmas carols if the sanctuary opens on special evenings like Christmas Eve.
  • There is a walk behind waterfall
  • An amphitheatre, which can seat 200 people.
  • There are 1,2kms of walkways of which 900m is elevated.
  • 70% of the area of the dome will be over indigenous forest.
  • The bird park incorporates a several dams, the largest will have a floating bridge with seating, and light meals will be served there.
  • There will be two restaurants comprising 4 options for seating, 1) in the forest on a deck, 2) outside the forest on brick paving and overlooking several dams and ponds. 3) On the island in a dam linked by wooden walkways, or 4) at the dam wall wine bar overlooking the larger of the dams.
  • There will be approximately 2,000 birds in the Avery when we open, comprising over 100 species, these numbers will increase drastically during the first year after opening.
  • Guests will be able to purchase foods to feed the ducks and Lories.
  • The masts and mesh dome will be painted green, and it is estimated 10 tons of paint (10,000 litres) will be required to do the job.
  • The river running over the waterfall and through the length of the bird park (200m) will be pumped back in a closed system, so no pollution of any water sources are possible by the existence of the park